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I have been on birth control for a month now and had unprotected sex while i was on my period. Two drays after i finished my period, we had sex again and the condom broke. What should i do?

If you’re using birth control correctly and consistently, then you’re protected against pregnancy even during the week of your period. So if you’re on the pill, and you’re taking the pill exactly as it’s prescribed, you’re protected all the time. The same is true if you’re using the ring or the patch. When used correctly, hormonal birth control is really effective at preventing pregnancy.  Click here to learn about how effective these (and other) kinds of birth control are at preventing pregnancy.

Using condoms with birth control is still a really good idea, because condoms reduce the risk of giving or getting STDs. IF you think you or your partner might have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection, you should get tested right away. But if you’ve been using hormonal birth control correctly and consistently for a month, then you’re protected against pregnancy.







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