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Is it possible for two people who have never had sexual contact with other people to give or get an STI through oral sex?

It’s not very likely, but it’s not impossible. The chances are a lot lower than they are for people who have had sex with other people. But it is possible for two people who’ve never had any kind of sex with anyone else to get a sexually transmitted infection by having oral sex. The most common way for this to happen is it people have had a cold sore on the lips, mouth, or tongue. They can pass the herpes virus that causes the cold sore to a partner’s genitals during oral sex.

It’s also true that some sexually transmitted infections are passed in ways other than just sex. HIV, for instance, can be transmitted from a mother to her baby during birth or through breastfeeding. And many people get HIV through sharing needles or syringes. So people may not have had sex but still have a sexually transmitted infection.

So while the chances are low that total virgins would get infected from oral sex, it is not impossible.

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