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I’m scared and embarrassed, is it normal to wont to know about girls and their parts? (and I’m only 12) Because I know I’m not ready for sex but why do I wont to know how girls work and stuff at 12.

Your curiosity is totally normal. It’s very common to wonder not just how your body looks and works, but about how other bodies look and work. And like you, the vast majority of 12-year-olds do not feel ready for sex — but it’s natural to be curious.

You probably already know that every adult woman has breasts, but did you know that every woman also has a vulva? Here are answers to questions that are commonly asked about the vulva, vagina, and breasts. This video will also answer a lot of your questions.

It’s important to get to know your body — where things are, how things work, and how to care for yourself — so you can make good decisions about your sexual health when the time comes.

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