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Im 14 and my parents haven’t talked to me about birth control yet, and all my friends parents have. Is it bad? I’ve been looking up info but I’m worried. 

Sometimes parents can feel as awkward about discussing sex and birth control with their teens as teens do about discussing it with their parents. It isn’t bad if you haven’t had that conversation yet, since it’s never too late to start!

Parents can have really good advice about birth control, sex, and relationships, but it can be hard to start that conversation if you’ve never had it before. You don’t have to wait for your parents to bring it up — you can and absolutely should approach your parents if you have questions. If you feel intimidated or embarrassed, you can try using a magazine article or TV show as a jumping off point to start a conversation about sex. Or you might want to start by talking about a friend who’s decided to use birth control and see how your parents react.

It’s also great that you’re doing research and looking up information. You can talk to your parents about the stuff that you’ve learned about birth control, and then ask them what they think. Asking a specific question about some information you’ve found could be an easier way to introduce the subject. You never know — your parents might feel relieved that you came to them.

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