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I use my mothers bra and pantys to masterbate is this normal or am I gay?

There’s nothing inherently wrong or hurtful with this sex practice. Most men who do this are not gay. But it is unusual.

To fully understand the behavior and your concerns about it, you may want to talk with a professional counselor who has experience with sexual behaviors that are not standard — sometimes called “kink.” Because many, if not most, people find it difficult to accept “kink” behaviors, you may want to be careful about talking about it with anyone you cannot absolutely trust.

To find a trustworthy counselor who is experienced with handling “kinky” sexual issues, you can go to the website of the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists and click on “Search for a sex educator, counselor or therapist in your area.” You might also try this resource for a list of “kink aware” professional counselors or attorneys.

You may be interested to know that young men who do this sometimes get into trouble with the police for stealing the clothing they use. So you want to avoid doing that.

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