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im 16. i think i have all the symptoms for trichomoniasis, what do i do? is there a simple treatment?’

Trichomoniasis — sometimes called trich — is a common and easily treated sexually transmitted infection. Trich often has no symptoms, and many people don’t know that they have it. Women are much more likely to experience symptoms than men are. If you’re a woman and you have trich, your symptoms may include frothy and unpleasant-smelling discharge, blood in the discharge, and itching in and around your vagina. You may also find you need to pee a lot, and you might feel pain or a burning sensation when you do.

If you’re noticing these symptoms, it’s important that you visit a health care provider as soon as possible. Your provider can test you for trichomoniasis, and prescribe treatment if necessary. Trich can be treated easily with prescription medicine, but it’s important that your sex partner(s) be treated, too.


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