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I have been with my girlfriend for just over two years, we have been having sex for a rather long time, we have tried a variety of different contraceptives, but after a rather lengthy conversation with her, we both are firm in our decision for me to get a Vasectomy. I am certain that at no point in my life will i desire to bring a child into this world, at least not one that is genetically related to me. I have a decent amount of $ so i could easily afford the opperation on my own. The only problem remaining is that i am 16, i am of legal age to give concent, but im not sure if thats enough to allow me to get the opperation without my parents consent. Obviously this isn’t something i would like to reveal to my parents. What should i do?

Most health care providers will not provide or refer young men for vasectomy. Under most circumstances, sterilization may be difficult to arrange if a person is single or childless and under 35. Federally funded sterilizations may not be performed on anyone under 21 or anyone incapable of legal consent. Policies and practices vary with individual providers and hospitals, and from place to place.

A vasectomy is sterilization for men. It’s a medical procedure that keeps sperm out of the seminal fluid that a man ejaculates. Sperm are made in the testicles. They pass through two tubes called the vasa deferentia to other glands, where they mix with seminal fluids to form semen. A vasectomy blocks each vas deferens and keeps sperm out of seminal fluid. Without sperm, seminal fluid can’t cause pregnancy.

In any case, vasectomy is not recommended for teens because it’s intended to be permanent. It’s very possible that a young man who has no desire to have children now may want to have children later in life. Reversing a vasectomy is very expensive and doesn’t always work.

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