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I had sex w/a condom but my period is late… could I be pregnant?

Condoms are up to 98 percent effective against pregnancy when used correctly.

Although one thing that can cause a missed period is pregnancy, there are other reasons why girls might have a late or missed period — including stress, illness, a diet that’s too low in fat, changes in sleep patterns or exercise, or just a period that hasn’t become regular yet.

It can take awhile for a young woman’s body to adjust to hormone changes and begin to “run” smoothly and regularly. She might have a light flow or a heavy flow, the length of the flow may vary, or her periods might be late. She might even skip some months. Most likely a young woman’s periods and cycles will become more regular as she grows older.

The only way to be sure about a pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test, either purchased at a drugstore or taken at a health center. Contact your local Planned Parenthood health center to schedule an appointment.

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