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How can I talk to my parents about sex? When should I?


It’s great that you’re thinking about talking with your parents about sex. They’re probably thinking about it too! It’s normal to be unsure of how to bring sex up without it being awkward, but you can bet they’ll be relieved if you start the conversation.

There are lots of different ways to break the ice and no single way of doing it is going to work for everyone. One way you could try is to use a magazine article or a TV show as a launch pad for talking about sex more generally, which can lead you into talking about the stuff that’s going on in your life. Another thing you could do is give them a heads-up that you want to talk. That way you can find a time when no one is stressed out or distracted to sit down and have a conversation.

Still feeling awkward? It’s totally okay to start out by telling them you feel embarrassed. It may also help to write down your thoughts or questions before going into the conversation. Maybe you want to ask them about their experience with love or relationships, or maybe you have questions about getting started on birth control or getting tested for STDs.

There’s no one way to have that conversation that works perfectly for everyone. But if you go into it with an open mind and trust that your parents really do want to talk with you, they could end up being your best resource for advice and help. Want some more help? Check out our quiz to see how ready you are.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

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