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How can I ask my boyfriend if he has any STDs?

Talking to a partner about sexually transmitted infections is important, but it can sometimes seem embarrassing or difficult. Here are some tips to help people start this conversation:

  • Think about all the reasons why you want to talk about sexually transmitted infections with your partner.
  • Practice having a discussion with your partner. What do you want to say? What are all the possible things your partner could say?
  • Try to have this talk when you both have time and privacy.
  • Remember that your partner cannot read your thoughts. It’s important to talk about what you want and how you feel. It’s important to listen to your partner, too.
  • If you’re feeling nervous or embarrassed, tell your partner. Maybe your partner feels the same way you do. Sometimes sex is hard to talk about, and it’s okay to admit that.
  • Ask how your partner feels about this conversation. Being honest with each other can make a relationship more fulfilling.

Keep in mind that many people who have sexually transmitted infections have no symptoms, so they may not know they have an infection. People who have taken risks with unprotected sex or sharing needles should talk to their health care providers about getting tested for sexually transmitted infections.

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