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Can you get an STD if yourself and your partner were both virgins when having intercourse together and had no genital to genital contact before with others??

If 2 people who don’t have any STDs have sex, then it’s not possible for either of them to get one. A couple can’t create an STD from nothing.

But just because someone says they’re a virgin doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have an STD. STDs are not only passed through genital-to-genital contact. Unprotected oral sex can also lead to STDs. So if one of you has had oral sex without using a condom, dental dam, or other barrier, there is a chance you could be at risk. It’s also possible to get some STDs in non-sexual ways, like using IV drugs or having it passed from mother to baby during childbirth.

The best way to keep your first time worry-free when it comes to STDs is to use a condom. Condoms are the only way to protect yourself from STDs when you have vaginal or anal sex. Using condoms on the penis or other barriers (like a dental dam) on the vulva keeps oral sex safer, too.

Want to be totally sure you’re both STD free? Get tested before you have sex, and keep getting tested regularly if you’re sexually active.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

Updated September 21, 2017

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