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is 13 years old too young to wear tampons?

No. Here are some tips on using tampons:

  • When you first use a tampon, read the directions carefully. If you’re still not comfortable, have someone you trust show you how to correctly place it in your vagina. Ask your mother, older sister, or another woman you trust to help you.
  • Putting a tampon in your vagina shouldn’t be painful. But it may hurt if you’re not relaxed. Use unscented tampons with soft, tube-shaped applicators when you first begin. You can also put a little bit of Vaseline on the applicator to help it slide in.
  • Change your tampon or pad every three or four hours to prevent odor and stains on your clothes.
  • Don’t use “high absorbency” tampons throughout your whole period — check the label for how absorbent the tampon is. Only use high absorbency tampons when your flow is heavy, and change them often.
  • If you are sensitive to chemicals, stay away from scented or deodorant tampons and pads.
  • Use a pad while you’re sleeping overnight.

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