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Female condoms (AKA internal condoms) have lots of benefits. You’re protecting yourself from both pregnancy and STDs when you wear one, so they take the worry out of sex. Plus: they’re hypoallergenic if you’re sensitive to latex and can even increase sexual pleasure — seriously.

Female condoms help prevent STDs.

Condoms and female condoms are the only methods of birth control that also help prevent sexually transmitted infections. Even if you’re already using a different kind of birth control to avoid pregnancy, it’s a good idea to also use condoms or female condoms every time you have sex to help protect yourself against STDs. That’s an important part of taking care of yourself.

They’re latex-free and comfortable.

Good news for people who have latex allergies or sensitivities: female condoms are made from a soft plastic material called nitrile. They’re totally hypoallergenic and won’t irritate sensitive genital skin.  

Because female condoms are larger than male condoms and don’t fit snugly around a penis, they give your partner’s penis more breathing room, which some people find more comfortable.

Female condoms can increase sexual pleasure.

Using female condoms can make sex better. Seriously.

You can insert the female condom ahead of time, before you start gettin’ busy, which keeps things hot and spontaneous with no interruptions. And having your partner put the female condom in for you turns safer sex into intimate and sexy foreplay.

But it doesn’t stop there! During vaginal sex, the female condom’s inner ring may stimulate the tip of the penis, and the external ring can rub against your vulva and clitoris. That little something extra can feel great for both of you.

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Female Condom

  • 79% effective

  • Costs around $2 per female condom, but can be $0

  • No prescription required

  • Put it in before sex

Female condoms help protect you from STDs. Use another birth control method with your female condom for even more pregnancy preventing power.
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