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I recently had the mirena iud inserted, i am currently sexually active with one partner, however he has several other partners, is it true that if i were to contract an infection, the iud woukd make it much more serious? In my situation is there another method of birthcontrol (except of course condoms) that would be safer? I was considering the ortho evra patch. Thank you.

Whether or not you use an IUD, sexually transmitted infections can be very serious. Having a sex partner with multiple sex partners puts you at higher risk for a sexually transmitted infection, so using condoms is absolutely necessary in your case — regardless of what method of birth control you use and regardless of whether he uses condoms with his other partners. The IUD and the birth control patch will both give you a high level of protection against pregnancy, but neither will help prevent STDs. Using condoms can help reduce your risk of infection. It’s also a good idea for you (and your partner, too) to get regularly tested for STDs. That way, if you do contract anything, you can treat it as soon as possible to avoid any dangerous complications.

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