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What is the best birth control for teens who are not concerned about sex, just about the period?

Good news: lots of different kinds of birth control can help with period problems!

Methods like the the birth control pill, patch, or ring can help with painful, heavy, or irregular periods. They can help ease cramps and PMS, and they usually make your period lighter and more regular. You can even safely skip or stop your periods altogether while you're using certain types of pills, patches, or rings.

Some kinds of long-lasting hormonal birth control — like IUDs, the implant, and the shot — can also help make your periods lighter and less painful. Many people even stop getting their periods altogether while they're on these methods. Don't worry: this is totally safe, and your period will eventually go back to what's normal for you if you stop using your birth control.

We've got a handy quiz that can help you figure out which type of birth control is best for you. And the nurses and doctors at your nearest Planned Parenthood health center can go over your options with you, and hook you up with a method that helps with your periods.


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