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im kind forgetful and terrifid of needles and i want a birth control that i dont have to take or think about every day what and i dont want any little ones running around for a long time. what are some of my options that wouldnt cost alot?

There are a number of birth control options that don’t need to be taken every day. The birth control vaginal ring — also known as NuvaRing — could be right for you. The ring uses the same hormones as the pill to prevent pregnancy, and costs about the same — $15 to $50 per month. But unlike the pill, which needs to be taken everyday, the ring only needs to be inserted once a month.

If you’re interested in very long-term birth control, an IUD — an intrauterine device — provides a very high level of protection against pregnancy. An IUD needs to be inserted and removed by a health care provider. An IUD can between $500 and $1,000 upfront, but can prevent pregnancy for up to 12 years — which, at the most, comes to about $7.00 a month. There is also a hormonal implant, called Implanon, which is inserted under the skin of your arm. It lasts for three years and costs $400 to $800. All these methods are covered by many insurance plans.

Birth control methods aren’t one-size fits all, and picking a birth control method that fits your life is key. The My Method widget can help you consider all your options.

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