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My boyfriend is a virgin and I’m not, he would like to lose his “v-card”, we’ve talked about condoms and being safe and we care about each other. He is still nervous, how can I help to make him more comfortable?

It’s great that you and your boyfriend are talking openly about sex and how to be safe. It’s also normal for people to feel nervous before starting a sexual relationship. But if your boyfriend is very nervous about having sex, it’s possible that he’s just not ready yet. Teenagers can feel a lot of pressure to become sexually active, and it might be difficult for your boyfriend to acknowledge that he isn’t ready to have sex.

Your boyfriend should consider why he wants to become sexually active. Is it because he feels like the last virgin in his group of friends, or because he’s worried that you’ll break up with him unless he has sex with you? Let your boyfriend know that you care about him regardless of whether or not you’re having sex, and that if he’s not ready, you’ll support his decision to wait.

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