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My best friend died. She had leukemia. I feel really bad and when my mom told me I couldn’t stop crying. I wanna get over it but I just can’t. What can I do? Every time I see her picture I start to cry. Help!?

Dealing with the death of someone close to you — especially a best friend or romantic partner — can be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life, and you’re bound to go through a range of emotions. While you may be able to work through those feelings on your own, it’s often helpful to talk to a friend, a family member, or a counselor. You might also seek out a support group for people who are grieving.

Grieving is a process, and it’s totally normal to go through feelings of shock, sadness, anger — even guilt. The healing process is different for everyone. It might take you months or it might take you years. Grief usually diminishes over time, but it can have echoes that may last for a lifetime. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not “over it” yet. It takes time to heal wounds.

Remembering and celebrating all the good things that person brought to your life might help give you some closure, and having a keepsake to honor that person may help you get through some tough times in the future when you’ll be missing them — like prom, graduation, or summer vacation.

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