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Is there a way to get a big butt like Jenifer Lopez or just a bigger butt then you have. Or do you just have to be born with it?

The shape of a person’s butt is something that can be changed with effort. But the effort it takes and the amount of change possible may not be worth the effort for a lot of people.

People’s butts may get bigger or smaller when they gain or lose weight. They may also be able to build up the muscles in and around the butt with exercise like bicycling or using various weight-training equipment regularly. But no one should feel like they need to measure up to J-Lo or any other celebrity.Everyone’s body is different, and that’s what makes us each unique. Besides, many celebrities have personal trainers who work with them for hours every day to get the look that the star needs for her or his career — that’s not something most people have the money or time to do. The best advice we can give is that everyone should love their bodies and try to exercise regularly for good health.

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