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I’ve heard friends say that coconut oil is a great lubricant. I tried it and I really like it, but I’m worried it’s not safe. Can coconut oil cause yeast or bacterial infections?


Coconut oil is super popular for all kinds of health and cosmetic uses. There’s not really any research on this topic, but we haven’t seen any evidence suggesting that it would cause an infection (though allergies or irritation is possible when you put any kind of product on sensitive skin). If you try it, just make sure there aren’t things added to the oil you get. Sugars and other additives could potentially cause things like yeast or other vaginal infections.

However, if you’re using condoms to protect yourself from STDs or pregnancy, you shouldn’t use an oil-based lube like coconut oil. Oil-based lubes can damage the material condoms are made from and lead to breakage. It’s safer to use water or silicone-based lubes with condoms.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

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