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Is a person still a virgin is they have had oral sex? I looked it up online and the only answer i’ve been given is that its an opinion. So, can you loose your virginity by having Oral Sex?

Actually, our answer sounds a lot like the one you’ve already heard. Virginity means never having had sex. But there’s no one universal definition of sex…so there’s no one universal definition of virginity.

When people talk about virginity, a lot of the time they mean never having had vaginal intercourse  — sex in which the vagina is penetrated by the penis. That may be true for some people. But not all. For example, plenty of LGBT people don’t think of themselves as virgins because they’ve had other kinds of sex. A lot of people feel that they “lose their virginity” the first time they share an intimate sexual experience with someone else  — and oral sex can certainly be that for many people.

Do you think oral sex counts as sex? If you’ve already had oral sex, did you feel like you lost your virginity? Do you think virginity matters? These are all questions only you can answer.

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