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I am a man who was raped by my father and also in my younger adult life . It's affected my sex life with my wife . How can I get over it?


I’m very sorry for what you’ve gone through. It  can be difficult to talk or write about these things. But you’re not alone. There are other men who have experienced what you have, and there are many people who care and want to help. 

One way to cope with trauma from experiencing sexual assault is to talk with a therapist or counselor familiar with trauma. You may be able to find a resource in your area through the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). 1 in 6 is another resource for male survivors of sexual assault. 

Therapy can be a good first step, and seeing a couples counselor can also be helpful for you and your wife as a place to discuss your concerns about your sex life. Many people who have experienced sexual assault are capable of having healthy, satisfying sex and relationships. But that doesn’t mean you need to “get over it” quickly. It takes time to heal, and you deserve that.