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if i might have Gonorrhea, and have sex with another partner, but he uses a condom can he still get it?

Condoms offer very good protection against gonorrhea. But they do not offer perfect protection. One reason is that gonorrhea can be spread through oral as well as vaginal or anal intercourse.

If you think you have gonorrhea, you should have it checked out with a health care provider before you have sex with anyone else — not only for your partner’s sake, but for your own.

Gonorrhea is very serious for women and men. If it isn’t treated, it can lead to sterility, arthritis, ectopic pregnancy, and heart problems. More than 600,000 new cases of gonorrhea are reported every year in the U.S.

Sometimes there are no symptoms, but damage to internal organs can go on unseen for many years. Gonorrhea infections can also be passed along to infants during childbirth. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent permanent damage.

To make an appointment for testing or treatment, contact your local Planned Parenthood health center.

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