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i was wondering if u have to have your parents permission to get birth control or if u could bring a different adult.

In general, parental permission is not needed for prescription methods of birth control. However, there may be certain locations where, for one reason or another, a health care provider will require parental permission. Check your provider’s policy about confidentiality before reporting anything you want to keep confidential.

Abstinence is the most effective way to avoid pregnancy and STDs, but people who are sexually active can greatly reduce their risk by using birth control, practicing safer sex, and seeing a health care provider regularly.

Planned Parenthood health centers strive to provide services that are confidential and affordable, especially for teens. But for one reason or another, health care providers in certain locations may not be able to guarantee complete confidentiality. You can contact your nearest Planned Parenthood health center to discuss getting birth control confidentially.

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