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I was watching tv, and they said that if your on birth control and taking antibiotics the birth control will stop working. Im on the pill right now, and I’ve had to start taking antibiotics because of a kidney infection. Is it true that the birth control will stop working? and if it does how long after I stop taking the antibiotics will the birth control work again?

No. You can take the antibiotic you’ve been prescribed for your kidney infection and your birth control pill will keep protecting you. Only one antibiotic is known to make the pill less effective. That is rifampin, a special medication used to treat tuberculosis. The brand names include Rifadin and Rimactane. Other antibiotics do not make the pill less effective. There are medications that can interact with the pill and decrease its effectiveness. Also, the pill can decrease or increase the effectiveness of some medications. That’s why it’s important to be honest with your health care provider and let her or him know if you’re on the pill. Always let providers know about all the drugs and medications you take — prescription, over-the-counter, recreational — before they prescribe anything new for you.

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