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I’d like to have sex with my boyfriend. The only problem is that in a month, we’re both moving and we’re going to have to break up. What’s the best birth control for this situation? I’m afraid that going on the pill for only a month would mess up my hormones, but I don’t trust using condoms by themselves. Thank you very much for your answer.

Using condoms with your boyfriend can help prevent both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, but there are other non-hormonal birth control methods you can use along with a condom to further reduce the risk of getting pregnant. Using spermicide with condoms increases their effectiveness. Loko for brands such as Conceptrol, Delfin Foam, Encare, and Gynol II. You can also use condoms with a contraceptive sponge. Neither of these methods will affect your hormones. Learn more about different birth control methods and which can be used along with condoms.

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