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hi…umm well im 16 and i have never had a sex partner…i do masterbaid but its not like on a daily bases,its just when im stressed out or im talking wiht my girlfriend…we kinda have phone sex.. well my question is,i have like alot of little bumps on my penins,i am Uncircumcised and well i doubt its a STD but im not sure…i really want to get it checked out but i dont want to get my parents into this,cus we are not that close and well they dont want to deal with that,ive never talked to them about sex, or anything. they are little bumps,and the ones that are highier on my shaft are red,and the ones lower or the color of my skin…please help….i realize that i might start having sex soon,but i dont want to turn the girls away,or sread a rumor that i have a STD….

We can’t tell you what your bumps are over the Internet, but it sounds like they may be pearly penis papules. Pearly penis papules are tiny bumps that ring the edge of the head of the penis. One out of three men have them, and they’re harmless.

Flesh-colored or a little lighter, pearly penis papules are shaped like smooth little domes. Although they may be sensitive to touch, they are not harmful and are not sexually transmitted. They can be removed with laser treatment.

You might be interested to know that research shows that ongoing dialogue about sex fosters closeness between parents and kids, and decreases the risk of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Learn more about talking with your parents about sex.

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