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I have a boyfriend and I have sex with him. Sometimes I feel too immature to do this but now that I’ve started I don’t want to stop cause I want to make him happy and I love him. How can I make myself feel more comfortable with this?

If you’re feeling too immature, you may be too immature. It may be that you need to mature more before sex can be comfortable and pleasurable for you.

No matter how old they are, people shouldn’t do anything sexually that they’re not comfortable with, even if it’s something they’ve done before. People’s feelings about sex and its place in a relationship may change, and partners need to respect these feelings. We all have the right to decide if or when to have sex — the first time, and every time.

Communication is key in healthy relationships. Partners aren’t mind readers, so it’s important to communicate our feelings to our partners. You might want to let your boyfriend know that you’ve changed your mind about having sex and that you don’t feel comfortable with it. This may be hard to say — you can tell him that, too. It may help to practice saying these sentences to yourself, to prepare you for talking with your boyfriend.

Sex is not the only way people let each other know they care. People demonstrate love by being there for each other, solving problems together, sharing hard times as well as good times, helping each other grow, and being patient with each other.

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