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How long does it take for nuva ring to start working when you first start using it? I went off the pill a few months ago and have been just using condoms since.

NuvaRing (the ring) is a combined-hormone method of birth control. It releases estrogen and progestin to protect against pregnancy for one month. A woman inserts the ring deep inside her vagina. A new ring is inserted only once and left in place for three weeks in a row. At the beginning of the fourth week, it’s removed and menstruation occurs.

If you haven’t been on the pill, patch, or ring in the last month, start using the ring on or before day five of your menstrual cycle. (Day one is the first day of bleeding.) Pregnancy protection will begin seven days later. In the meantime, use a latex or internal condom to reduce the risk of pregnancy.

Keep in mind that the ring and other hormonal birth control methods don’t offer any protection against sexually transmitted infections. Using a latex or internal condom along with the ring reduces the risk of infection.

The ring must be prescribed by a health care provider. Make an appointment at the Planned Parenthood health center nearest you to discuss your options.

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