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My Boyfriend and I are ready to go one step further and have intercourse i was wondering how i should go about asking him to wear a condom?

It’s important to talk with your boyfriend about using condoms before you have sex. But talking about condoms with him for the first time may make you nervous. So it can help to practice what you’re going to say beforehand. Then, choose the right time to talk — don’t wait until the heat of passion takes over. It may overwhelm your good intentions.

You can ask him if he agrees with you that using condoms is important. He’ll probably say, “Of course!” But if he doesn’t, here are some common exchanges people have when they talk about condoms. Some of them might work for you.

If Your Boyfriend Says: What’s that?
You Can Say: A condom, baby.

If Your Boyfriend Says: What for?
You Can Say: To use when we’re making love.

If Your Boyfriend Says: I don’t like using them.
You Can Say: Why not?

If Your Boyfriend Says: It doesn’t feel as good with a condom.
You Can Say: I’ll feel more relaxed. If I’m more relaxed, I can make it feel better for you.

If Your Boyfriend Says: Condoms are gross.
You Can Say: Being pregnant when I don’t want to be is worse. So is getting AIDS.

If Your Boyfriend Says: Don’t you trust me?
You Can Say: Trust isn’t the point. People carry sexually transmitted infections without knowing it.

If Your Boyfriend Says: I’ll pull out in time.
You Can Say: Pulling out doesn’t help much with sexually transmitted infections. Plus there’s a small chance women can get pregnant from pre-cum.

If Your Boyfriend Says: Condoms aren’t romantic.
You Can Say: Making love and protecting each other’s health sounds romantic enough to me.

If Your Boyfriend Says: It just isn’t as sensitive.
You Can Say: With a condom you might last even longer, and that’ll make up for it.

If Your Boyfriend Says: I don’t stay hard when I put on a condom.
You Can Say: I can do something about that.

If Your Boyfriend Says: Putting it on interrupts everything.
You Can Say: Not if I help put it on.

If Your Boyfriend Says: I’ll try, but it might not work.
You Can Say: Practice makes perfect.

If Your Boyfriend Says: But I love you.
You Can Say: Then you’ll help me protect myself.

If Your Boyfriend Says: I guess you don’t really love me.
You Can Say: I’m not going to “prove my love” by risking my life.

If Your Boyfriend Says: I’m not using a condom, no matter what.
You Can Say: Well, then I guess we’re not having sex.

If You Are a Virgin and Have Decided to Have Sex and Want to Use a Condom and Your Boyfriend Says: Just this once without it. Just the first time.
You Can Say: It only takes once to get pregnant. It only takes once to get a sexually transmitted infection. It only takes once to get AIDS.

If your boyfriend absolutely refuses to wear a latex condom, you can use a internal condom. Some men have said that the sensation is not so reduced with a internal condom.

Don’t be afraid of being rejected. If your boyfriend doesn’t care about protecting your health and well-being, he’s not worth having sex with.

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