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How do I ejaculate faster? My girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and we do phone sex sometimes. She can ejaculate quickly, but for me it can take up to an hour or more... my girlfriend doesn't mind and will go for as long as it takes, but I can't help but feel bad. What can I do to make myself ejaculate faster? Thank you.

Whether it’s phone sex or IRL sex, there’s nothing wrong with taking longer than your partner to have an orgasm. It’s great that your partner doesn’t mind and wants to talk for as long as it takes you to ejaculate. It shows she respects you and just wants you both to enjoy yourselves when you have phone sex. So try not to feel ashamed for how long you take to cum. Everyone’s body is different and there’s not one “right” way to have an orgasm. 

But if you’re really set on ejaculating at the same time as her, or closer to when she does, there are a couple of things you could try. Try to get yourself in the mood before you chat with your girlfriend. Being stressed out can affect your sex drive, and taking time to do something that relaxes you — like doing breathing exercises, taking a bath, or meditating — may help your body feel ready for sex. Or you could get a head start by masturbating a little before you get on the phone with her. You can also spend some time thinking about and discovering what arouses you. Some people need to have certain parts of their body stimulated in a very specific way or with certain objects to have an orgasm. Experimenting with what feels good can help you understand your body and get you in the mood when you have phone sex with your girlfriend.

Also ask yourself: is there something you wish you were doing during phone sex that you’re not asking for? Maybe there’s some specific kind of dirty talk you like that your girlfriend can say to get your engines going. Talk about it! Or maybe phone sex isn’t really your favorite and you’d rather not do it as often, or at all. If that’s the case, that’s OK, too. Phone sex isn’t for everyone. 

But even if you decide to keep doing it and nothing changes how long you take to ejaculate, don’t kick yourself over it. It’s not always about the destination. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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