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How can I bring up getting on the pill to my parents if we’ve never even had a “sex talk”?

Many parents are able to give teens excellent advice and information about sex and sexual health and can offer them support for the decisions they make. It may take more than one conversation about this issue before you feel comfortable disclosing information about your personal feelings and intentions to go on the pill.

Some teens find it intimidating or embarrassing to talk with their parents about sex. When you’re ready to bring it up, you could try using a magazine article or TV show as a jumping-off point to start a conversation about sex and wanting to go on the pill. Or you might first try to bring up a friend who’s decided to have sex and see how your parents react.

If you’re very concerned that your parents would get upset, you might choose to put off this conversation until you feel you’re more ready. Meanwhile, you could turn to another trusted adult. This could give you the opportunity to rehearse what you want to say to your parents.

Remember that it’s normal to feel nervous — many people feel awkward talking about sex and birth control. Keep in mind that a lot of parents say they are relieved that their teens started this conversation. Good luck!

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