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is there a safe Way to increase you peinse size

There’s nothing anyone can do to increase the size of their penis.

Penis size is a common concern for lots of people of all ages. And while it’s true that penis size might matter to a few people, for most people it really doesn’t matter much at all.

The average adult’s erect (hard) penis is between 5 and 7 inches long. Some are smaller; some are bigger. Some grow a lot when they get hard, others stay about the same size whether they’re flaccid (soft) or hard.

Penises come in all different shapes and sizes, just like every other part of our bodies. We’re all different, and that’s normal. People have all kinds of different preferences when it comes to who/what they’re attracted to, which may include preferences around penises. Some like smaller penises. Some like bigger penises. Most people like their partners for qualities that have nothing to do with the size of their penis. And penis size has nothing to do with masculinity or how good someone is at giving their partners sexual pleasure. So trying to embrace to how you’re built and learning to appreciate and love your body the way it is is the best way to go.

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