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Is there any way to prevent air from escaping from your vagina after sex? My boyfriend and I are kind of rough and change positions a lot, and when he pulls out, it sounds like my vagina is farting ): it’s really embarrassing! He says he doesn’t care, and we laugh every time it happens, but I still wish it wouldn’t happen.

This is a totally normal thing that happens to people all the time. Some people call it queefing. The sound you’re hearing is air that gets into the vagina being pushed out.

There really isn’t any way to prevent this from happening. Sex involves bodies, and bodies do weird things sometimes. Even if queefing sounds like a fart, it’s just air coming out (no other gasses like the ones made by digesting food), so they don’t smell like farts. Queefing can happen during sex, stretching, or exercise. During sex, fingers or a penis can trap air inside the vagina when they move in and out. This can happen during some positions more than others, so you might notice it happening sometimes, but not all the time.

It can be embarrassing, but it sounds like you and your boyfriend have it figured out — laughing it off and going about your life is about the best solution we can think of. Believe your boyfriend when he says he doesn’t care, and hopefully soon you won’t either. In a perfect world, you might prefer to never queef, but as it is, you might as well laugh about it.

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