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I think I might have lost my tampon inside of my vagina. I was drinking the night before and I don’t have any recollection of taking it out. I’m really scared. What should I do?

Okay, stay calm. It’s really hard to “lose” anything as big as a tampon inside your vagina. Tampons are held in place by the walls of your vagina, and there’s nowhere beyond your vagina for the tampon to go. Taking out a tampon can be as routine as going to the bathroom — something you might not remember specifically, especially if you’ve been drinking.

Try lying down, taking a few deep breaths to relax, and reaching inside your vagina with a clean finger. If you can’t feel your tampon string, then the chances are pretty good you took it out. Your vagina is only about two-four inches long (though it can stretch to be a lot longer to accommodate vaginal intercourse or having a baby), so chances are, if a tampon’s in there, you’ll be able to feel it.

If you can feel the tampon or its string, try tugging it out with one or two fingers. It might feel a little slippery and hard to grab, but don’t worry — your vagina ends at the opening of your cervix, and a tampon can’t get beyond that. (Check out this diagram if you are wondering where your cervix is.) If you feel the tampon but absolutely can’t pull it out yourself, a health care provider might have to step in.

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