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Can you become addicted to watching pornography like you can become addicted to drugs?

It’s rare, but possible. Pornography can become a problem when it gets in the way of daily activities — like going to school or work, or meeting friends.
Pornography most often does not depict reality, and may also lead to unrealistic expectations about sex and sexuality. Most pornographic images are not normal in three important ways:

1. The models or actors in pornographic images are often chosen for abnormally large sex organs and breasts. Their bodies are cosmetically, and often surgically or hormonally, enhanced. And their images are often altered in the printing or photographic process. Hair and blemishes are removed. Musculature and facial features are highlighted. And teeth are straightened and whitened.

2. In staging sexually explicit scenes for the camera, models and actors often take fairly uncomfortable positions to allow their sex organs to be seen while having sex. This makes the sex acts themselves quite unrealistic.

3. A lot of pornography is tailored for individuals who have quite a narrow range of sometimes uncommon sexual preferences.

Many healthy, caring adults use pornography. Most of them use it to enhance their sex lives knowing that it is much more about fantasy than it is about reality.

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