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Nope — when it comes to periods, different is normal. First of all, it may take a while for your body to get things going smoothly and regularly. For the first few months or even years of having a period, they may not always last the same number of days or come the same number of days apart. You may even skip some months. Most likely your periods and cycles will become more regular as you grow older.

Having a regular period usually means that your periods come roughly the same number of days apart, and last roughly the same number of days each month. So you can have a regular period that shows up at a different point in each month — for instance, if you have a 22 day cycle, you might get your period towards the end of one month but in the middle of the next.

Some people have irregular periods all their lives, whether it’s unpredictable when it’ll come, or unpredictable how long it’ll last.

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