Education and Training

Planned Parenthood of Hawaii (PPHI) is committed to helping the people of Hawaii make positive decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. Our three reproductive health clinics provide high-quality, affordable, and confidential services to women, men, and teens throughout the state. We offer vital services in a safe and supportive environment.

The PPHI Education Department provides sexual health presentations and trainings on a variety of topics to public and private schools, community groups, faith-based organizations, and anyone else who requests or is need of such information. PPHI health educators travel statewide to help communities learn about ways to be safe and responsible when it comes to reproductive health.

While all of our programs include and stress the importance of abstinence, they also provide age-appropriate and medically accurate information on their respective topics. Presentations are facilitated by a trained Planned Parenthood Educator and are designed to last for one class period (approximately 1 hour). They can be adapted at the teachers’/group leaders’ discretion in order to focus on the students’ level of understanding of the content. We recommend a series of three to five lessons to help the students fully understand the topics discussed and therefore giving them the resources to make healthy responsible choices. Our current lessons include:
•  Anatomy & Physiology
•  Puberty
•  Anatomy & Puberty combined
•  Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) 
•  Abstinence
•  Birth Control Methods
•  Sexual Decision Making

We are also offering the following curriculum:

All Together Now – Teaching about Contraception and Safer Sex
•  Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s own evaluated curriculum 
•  For High School level and up
•  5 sessions, approximately 1 hour for each session
•  Sessions focus on contraception, STIs, correct condom use, making decisions about contraception, and accessing reproductive health services
•  Includes activities designed to foster communication with a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult
•  Students will be evaluated at 3- and possibly 6-month post-program intervals to measure effectiveness with our youth in Hawaii.

Making Proud Choices – A Safer Sex Approach to HIV/STDs and Teen Pregnancy Prevention
•  HIV/STD and Teen Pregnancy prevention curriculum
•  Identified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a “Program that Works”
•  Recognized in Science and Success  as a program that:
     o Delays initiation of sex
     o Reduced frequency of sex
     o Reduced incidence of unprotected sex in those youth already sexually active
     o Increased condom use in those youth already sexually active
•  8 sessions, approximately 1 hour for each session
•  For use with 7th grade students although it can be used for older youth as well
•  Students will be evaluated at 3- and possibly 6-month post-program intervals to measure effectiveness with our youth in Hawaii.

We are happy to discuss ways in which our educational services can be of help to you and your organization/school.  Please contact us at 808-589-1156 ext. 243 if you have any questions or to discuss future possibilities for presenting. 

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