The Importance of Well Woman Exams

Well woman exams are an important part of your health care routine and can:

  • Help prevent illness and discomfort
  • Lead to early detection of breast cancer
  • Prevent cervical cancer by detecting precancerous growths
  • Detect sexually transmitted diseases and other conditions that may cause serious health problems if untreated
  • Detect causes of infertility that may be treated
  • Promote healthy pregnancy and childbirth

Getting a well-woman exam may make you a little nervous, but that's totally normal. It's an important and routine female check-up to make sure everything is okay with your body. If you are feeling anxious or uneasy about your pelvic exam, knowing what to expect can help you relax.

Call 1-800-230-PLAN today to learn more or schedule your next well woman exam. Remember, your information is entirely confidential. If you have questions or concerns, Planned Parenthood is here to help.

Learn more about women's health and well woman exams on the Planned Parenthood Federation of America website.

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