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¡Sea una voz para Planned Parenthood en su escuela uniéndose hoy a una organización de Planned Parenthood Generation Action! Planned Parenthood Generation Action son organizaciones de campus que educan y movilizan a estudiantes y jóvenes en apoyo de la salud reproductiva y los derechos.

Generation Action en todo el país organizan eventos públicos, educan a sus compañeros, apoyan a los centros de salud locales de Planned Parenthood y movilizan a los estudiantes y a otros jóvenes para que den a conocer sus derechos reproductivos y acceso a servicios de la salud reproductiva. ¡Los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de unirse a nosotros en conferencias en todo el país!

There's power in the voices of pro-choice students on your campus. When you organize those voices as a group and work together to take action for reproductive health and rights, you have a force that's more powerful than if you work alone. Generation Action chapters host fun events, conduct educational forums, feature amazing speakers, and travel with Planned Parenthood to our state and national capitol!

If there’s no Generation Action chapter at your school, no worries! We also provide support to other student organizations, such as Med Students for Choice, NOW, and peer education groups.

Want to start a campus group? Interested in joining an existing one? No Generation Action organization on your campus? Involved in another student group and would like to work on these issues? Contact us for ways to collaborate and get involved! Email [email protected] or call 561-472-9970.

Check out our local PP Generation Action chapters to find out how you can make a difference on your campus and meet new friends who share your commitment to reproductive rights!

Planned Parenthood of South, East and North Florida

Planned Parenthood of South, East and North Florida