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Planned Parenthood Educators: Activities and Lesson Plans

The SexEdLibrary is a project of SIECUS (the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States). The activities and lesson plans available in the SexEdLibrary cover virtually every topic related to sexuality. We hope they will assist you in your work with young people.

Planned Parenthood supports comprehensive sexuality education — a medically accurate curriculum and classroom experience that

  • provides young people with positive messages about sex and sexuality as natural, normal, healthy parts of life
  • includes information about abstinence as the best way to avoid sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy 
  • teaches that condoms reduce the risk of getting an infection, including HIV, and that other forms of birth control also reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy for young people who are sexually active  
  • provides opportunities to help young people develop relationship and communications skills to help them explore their own values, goals, and options as well as the values of their families and communities
  • covers human development, human reproduction, sexual health, masturbation and other sexual behaviors, all options for unintended pregnancies, sexual expression, sexual identity, and sexual orientation

Lessons in the SexEdLibrary may be used within a comprehensive sexuality education program to address a particular topic or topics.

We hope these activities and lesson plans can make your task of teaching sexuality topics much easier. As with any sexuality resource, some of these may not be appropriate for your community, setting, or purpose. Please review them to determine if they will be useful to you.

Visit SIECUS’s SexEdLibrary to find activities and lesson plans related to a particular health topic.

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Activities & Lessons