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 Ok im 12 years old a boy and i have something that people call man boobs om scared my friends will make fun of me so i where coats so it looks normal but my friend asked me to go swiming! what should i do D: 

You might feel like your body is weird, but it sounds like what you’re describing is actually a really common part of puberty for guys. During puberty, a lot of guys notice swelling under their nipples — and it can look sort of like the beginning of breasts. But chances are it’s just fatty tissue caused by all the hormones that are in your body during puberty.  There’s a good chance that it will go away as you get older.

Feeling ashamed of your body is something almost everyone — guys and girls — experiences at one time or another. And it can be an especially big deal when you’re going through all the physical and emotional changes of puberty.

You’re also talking about a part of your body, that you probably pay more attention to than anyone else. Something that might feel super obvious to you might not even be noticeable to someone else. And there’s also a very good chance that your friends feel weird or worry about certain parts of their bodies, too. But hanging out with your friends should be fun — if swimming in a T-shirt will make you feel less embarrassed, go for it! And if anybody comments on your body, it’s okay to say, “I know that’s supposed to be a joke, but it’s not funny to me.”

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