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Is there any way to prevent air from escaping from your vagina after sex? My boyfriend and I are kind of rough and change positions a lot, and when he pulls out, it sounds like my vagina is farting ): it’s really embarrassing! He says he doesn’t care, and we laugh every time it happens, but I still wish it wouldn’t happen.

This is a totally normal thing that happens all the time. Some people call it queefing or vagina farts (but it's NOT an actual fart!). Queefs happen when air gets into your vagina and then comes back out, sometimes making that familiar farty sound as it passes through the vaginal opening.

Queefs aren’t like the farts that come from your butt — those are caused by bacteria breaking down food and releasing gas, which gives butt farts their odor. Queefs don’t smell because they’re caused by plain old air. They’re basically the vagina version of making fart sounds with your mouth.

Queefs are sometimes completely random, or they can happen during activities like stretching and exercise. But they’re especially common during sex because fingers, penises, or sex toys can easily push air up there. Your vagina also expands when you’re turned on, which makes more room for air. And vaginal wetness, which increases during sex, helps make that “poot poot poot” sound.

There really isn’t any way to prevent this from happening, but try not to stress out about it. Bodies do weird things sometimes, especially during sex! There are sounds. There are smells. There are fluids. And all of it is perfectly normal. Sex is an intimate process that makes some of us feel pretty vulnerable, which is why it’s best to have it with someone you feel comfortable with, and who treats you with kindness and respect — like the kind of people who couldn’t care less how queefy your vagina is. And it sounds like your boyfriend's totally chill about it.

Queefing is way normal, so try not to be embarrassed about it — it's literally just air! Laughing it off like you've been doing is about the best way to deal with it. Believe your boyfriend when he says he doesn’t care, and hopefully soon you won’t either. In a perfect world, you might prefer to never queef — but if it happens, you might as well laugh about it. Sex should be fun, not stressful!

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