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Can alcohol make it so I can’t get an erection? What about other drugs?

The use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs can lead to erection problems. Men with alcoholism and certain other addictions may develop long-term inability to become erect (erectile dysfunction or impotence).

The inability to achieve or maintain an erection is something that most men experience at some point in their lives. Most erection problems are due to a combination of blood vessel, nerve, and psychological factors. These can be brought on by drinking too much alcohol.

Drinking alcohol can also reduce a person’s inhibitions. It alters the ability to think clearly. People are likely to become less picky about selecting who they have sex with, and much less careful about taking sexual risks. A study conducted in Great Britain revealed that after drinking alcohol, one in seven 16- to 24-year-olds had unprotected sex, while one in five had sex that they regretted. One in 10 was unable to remember if she or he had sex the night before.

Mixing sex with alcohol or other drugs increases the chances of unintended pregnancy, and exposure to sexually transmitted infections. This is because if people have sex when they are drunk or high, they’re much less likely to have safer sex — to use condoms, or use them correctly.

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