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Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards issued the following statement welcoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unveiling of the PEPFAR Blueprint: Creating an AIDS-free Generation, which provides a roadmap for how the U.S. government will work to help achieve an AIDS-free generation.


Planned Parenthood Federation of America


November 29, 2012

“As one of the nation’s leading women’s and reproductive health care providers, Planned Parenthood welcomes this blueprint as an important step in America’s commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS, an epidemic that affects millions of women and young people worldwide.  We are especially glad that it includes the U.S. government’s commitment to promoting gender equality and the health of women and girls across the globe.  The blueprint rightly recognizes the importance of integrating family planning and reproductive health programs in combating HIV/AIDS and in ensuring HIV-positive women are able to make decisions about their reproductive lives.  We will not be able to achieve an AIDS-free generation without fully integrating HIV programs into the women’s health network, as many women only learn of their HIV status or receive preventive care when they have received a test during a reproductive or maternal health visit.        
“Secretary Clinton has long been a champion for these priorities.  Indeed, she has normalized the idea that a focus on engaging and meeting the needs of women and girls and promoting gender equality should be central to U.S. foreign policy.  
“Planned Parenthood is committed to fighting for the healthiest generation – and that certainly includes an AIDS-free generation.  We look forward to working with Secretary Clinton and her successor to ensure that this blueprint is fully implemented, which will require the next secretary of state to not only sustain Secretary Clinton’s incredible work in promoting women and girls but build upon it.”
Planned Parenthood will continue to advocate for the additional investments and policy changes needed to fully achieve the goal of an AIDS-free generation set out in this blueprint.  We will support efforts to increase the co-location of and referral network between reproductive health and HIV/AIDS services, including the availability of contraceptive supplies through PEPFAR programs, so that all women can access the essential information and healthcare they need.  We will also work toward increased engagement of young people and civil society, and the continued promotion of human rights in U.S. development and diplomacy efforts.
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Planned Parenthood Welcomes Blueprint for AIDS-Free Generation