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Planned Parenthood Statement Condemning House Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

Statement by Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, on House vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act:


Planned Parenthood Federation of America


“As a health care provider whose doctors and nurses serve three million women and families every year through its more than 820 affiliate health centers across the country, Planned Parenthood is committed to expanding access to affordable quality care to all Americans. That is why Planned Parenthood condemns the passage by the U.S. House of Representatives of H.R. 2, a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“Given the enormous health benefits of the new health law for women, the House’s vote to repeal it would have a devastating impact on American women and their access to affordable, quality health care.

“The new health care law represents the greatest single advance for women’s access to health care in 45 years. Among its numerous benefits, it will expand access to health insurance for millions of women; make primary health care, including annual exams, preventive care, and reproductive care, more affordable; promote the health of women by guaranteeing coverage of preventive care, such as lifesaving breast cancer screenings and immunizations with no co-pays;  increase access to contraception for women, and potentially allow for all FDA-approved prescription contraception to be available without co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs; and put an end to discriminatory practices such as routinely charging women higher premiums than men and denying coverage for so-called ‘pre-existing’ conditions such as breast cancer or even pregnancy.

“Moreover, the House leadership’s repeal plan would also impose unprecedented restrictions on women’s health because it includes passing an abortion coverage ban, which would effectively end private health insurance coverage for abortion — guaranteeing that the majority of women with private health insurance would lose benefits they have today.

“Simply put, repealing the new health law would be a huge step backwards for American women, many of whom have already begun to benefit from health care reform. More women will be uninsured, medical discrimination against women will be legal again, and women will once again be forced to pay more for health care and get less for their health care dollars than do men.  That’s why Planned Parenthood is committed to ensuring that H.R. 2 does not become law.”


January 19, 2011

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Planned Parenthood Statement Condemning House Repeal of the Affordable Care Act