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Planned Parenthood Federation of America Statement on Health Care Standards and Planned Parenthood of Delaware

For nearly 100 years, Planned Parenthood has been a trusted provider of reproductive health care for women in America. Patients are always our top priority, and we insist on the highest professional standards.


Planned Parenthood Federation of America


Over the last several months, a number of audits and regulatory complaints about Planned Parenthood of Delaware have been reported in the media, including a deeply troubling complaint from the state attorney general about a contract physician's conduct. These claims are not consistent with the top-quality, professional care provided at Planned Parenthood health centers. We take very seriously any concerns about the quality of care at health centers operated by Planned Parenthood of Delaware, or any Planned Parenthood affiliate.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s accreditation program, like quality-assurance programs used by other major health care providers, is designed to safeguard quality care for patients at more than 750 health centers through a robust set of medical and operational indicators. This accreditation program is designed to ensure that every Planned Parenthood health center operates according to evidenced-based standards and guidelines, which were developed by the nation’s leading physicians and advanced-practice clinicians in the field of reproductive health care. This accreditation process identified several areas for improvement at Planned Parenthood of Delaware, which were not addressed as quickly as we expect them to be. In addition, Planned Parenthood of Delaware was aware that some staff and contractors did not meet our high standards of care and should have taken action sooner to remove them. We are adding an enhanced follow-up protocol to our accreditation process to make sure that issues are addressed quickly when they are identified.

Over the last eight months, the new CEO of Planned Parenthood of Delaware has made important changes resulting in the departure of several staff members, including the contract physician who is now the subject of a complaint from the state attorney general. The CEO appointed a new medical director and re-trained all clinical staff in safety compliance practices. PPFA’s accreditation team is conducting ongoing on-site observation to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care and staff members adhere to the highest professional standards.

Over the past year, Planned Parenthood of Delaware has been audited or reviewed on-site for regulatory compliance by several state agencies, including multiple unannounced visits and inspections to ensure compliance with health and safety standards. The state specified areas of concern that have been addressed. On Monday, the Delaware Division of Public Health confirmed that Planned Parenthood of Delaware has met all of its requirements.

As the nation’s leading women’s health care provider and advocate, Planned Parenthood is committed to ensuring the highest quality of care at our health centers across the country. Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our patients.  We take our role in women’s health care very seriously, and always look for ways to improve, both as a provider and protector of women’s health.


June 05, 2013

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Planned Parenthood Federation of America Statement on Health Care Standards and Planned Parenthood of Delaware