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  Virtual health and heritage event to showcase Latinx music, art; a live sex-ed Q&A session will follow

New York, NY — Today at 7pm (EST) Planned Parenthood Federation of America, in partnership with  Papi Juice, is proud to celebrate the diversity and vibrance of Latinx Heritage Month with a virtual event of music, art and conversation that highlights health equity and sex education in the Latinx and LGBTQ+ community. “Salud, Sex y Amor,"   features  a performance by artist Ms. Boogie; music by DJs PachucoPrecolumbian; a Latinx music talk and playback with DJs Bembona + Bianca Oblivion, a Soundscape by Helado Negro; and a Q&A session with a  health educator from the Planned Parenthood Promotora team.


As part of the event, there will also be a conversation with Guadalupe Rosales, the founder of Veteranas and Rucas. The discussion will focus on the importance of rebuilding lost archives of Latinx communities, and how Latinx women, femmes and the queer community can preserve this history through self-representation and visual storytelling. Additionally, Ashley Varela of Fairy Garden will provide a virtual tour + Q&A.

Statement from Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO, Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

Planned Parenthood is proud to partner with Papi Juice once again to celebrate the diversity and history of the Latinx community, and highlight the importance of sex eduation and health equity. We stand with you in solidarity, especially as people of color continue to face unconscionable attacks on their bodily autonomy, access to health care, and their very humanity. Planned Parenthood is here to help Latinx folks of all backgrounds — no matter their insurance or immigration status — access the health care they deserve, through community-specific outreach efforts, led by our Promotoras de Salud. Planned Parenthood serves over 54,000 Latinx patients a year, and this month, we celebrate you, your heritage, your achievements, your health, and your future.

During the Q&A, Dulce Rodriguez — a Planned Parenthood Central Coast Promotora — will answer submitted sex ed questions and provide resources on sexual and reproductive health. Dulce will also answer questions privately during the event  in real time, both in English and Spanish. Planned Parenthood Promotoras de Salud are predominantly Latinx and Spanish-speaking community health educators who work on the front lines to provide education and information so that  Latinx communities can prioritize their sexual and reproductive health. Promotoras help destigmatize sexual and reproductive health care by serving as resources in the community for bilingual and Spanishspeaking folks.The official Papi Juice x Planned Parenthood Spotify playlist features Latinx and Afro- Latinx artists, and music from a variety of genres that celebrates the diversity of Latinx heritage and LGBT+ artists.

Statement from Papi Juice Collective:

Latinx people come from a wide range of backgrounds, countries, and cultures. There is one trait that rings true regardless of home country and culture — deeply caring for family, friends, and celebrating community with pride and resilience. Latinx communities have a history of resilience and activism through self-expression. We are excited to feature artists who represent the diverse diaspora of Latinx communities, including people in LGBTQ+ communities who are disproportionately affected by disparities that prevent them from accessing healthcare — including structural racism and implicit bias. As reclaiming our history is important in embracing our culture, access to compassionate, high-quality care allows Latinx folks to take control of our health. Papi Juice is thrilled to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month by partnering with Planned Parenthood, which stands with Latinx communities by providing the education, resources and care we deserve and continue to fight for.


Planned Parenthood and Papi Juice will encourage attendees to register to vote during the event, using Planned Parenthood’s new Latinx voter registration initiative Boleta Boss, as well as complete the U.S. censusIt is critical that everyone be counted because historically people with low incomes, Latinx folks, Black people and other communities  of color have been underrepresented in census data. An accurate count  helps gain essential public funding for housing, schools, transportation, and health care — including sexual and reproductive services — and more. 

Papi Juice is an art collective that  affirms and celebrates the lives of queer and trans people of color by curating eventsat the intersection of art, music, and nightlife Papi Juice was recently named one of HuffPost’s l Top 20 Culture Shifters in the country, and  noted for “sparking important conversations in big and small ways.” 

To learn more about Papi Juice, visit https://www.papijuice.com/about. For your safety and convenience, many local Planned Parenthood health centers now offer telehealth services. To learn more visit plannedparenthood.org/telehealth.


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