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Washington, DC — Today marks one-year-out from the Census 2020. Alongside Census Counts, a diverse, nationwide coalition, Planned Parenthood and organizations across the country are demanding a fair and accurate count for all our communities. The census plays a significant role in determining people’s long-term representation at the federal, state, and local level and in ensuring that billions of federal dollars, including funding for key health care programs, are sent where they are needed.

One of the key programs that the census helps determine funding allocations for is Title X — the nation’s only program dedicated to ensuring that people struggling to make ends meet can still access birth control, STI testing, and breast and cervical cancer screenings. This program is currently under threat by the Trump-Pence administration’s gag rule, which would push providers like Planned Parenthood out of the program.

Statement of Dr. Leana Wen, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

The census is an important tool to ensure that federal funds are proportionately distributed to public health programs throughout the country, including Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, and Title X. Currently, many of these programs are under threat by the Trump administration, making the next census even more important to ensure that those who already face systemic injustices have the federal support they need to lead healthy lives. Every single person residing in the U. S. has a constitutional right to be counted, and a fundamental right to health care. That’s why Planned Parenthood is proud to be working alongside our partners to ensure that the 2020 Census is fair and accurate by offering resources and information in our health centers across the country.

Adding additional barriers and exacerbating the undercount of marginalized communities would likely mean a reduction in the amount of support reproductive health programs receive in those communities. For example, Medicaid, a program that one in five women of reproductive age rely on, accounts for 58 percent of census-guided funding. Other services affected by the census range from highways and construction to foster care and to State Children’s Health Insurance Programs.

Planned Parenthood is joining alongside partners to call for a Census in 2020 that recognizes all communities and helps make our health care system better and more accessible. Make sure your voice is heard. Say #CountMeIn by signing the Census Count pledge to advocate for a fair and accurate count at censuscounts.org.


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