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Washington, DC --- Today, Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are demanding answers from Center for Medical Progress founder and anti-abortion extremist David Daleiden.  Seventeen Democrats on the Committee sent aletterto Chairman Jason Chaffetz urging for him to subpoena Daleiden to testify and to get the “totality of the record” on the videos.  Chaffetz has repeatedly rejected demands for Daleiden to testify.

This letter comes after months of Daleiden playing deceptive games with the highly edited videos he’s released. The fact remains that releasing the full source footage is the only way to authenticate them.  

Quote from Eric Ferrero, Vice President for Communications, PPFA:

“There's no other way to describe this than a long-con fraud by extremists who are obsessed with banning abortion in this country. This isn't how you act when you think you've uncovered wrongdoing. This is how you act when you're pursuing an extreme political agenda. If these were serious people who thought they really witnessed wrongdoing, they would have immediately alerted authorities and turned over everything -- instead, they spent a year editing it and sharing it with right-wing politicians before releasing doctored videos that still don't show any wrongdoing. They need to stop playing this game of deception and turn over all of the source footage.”

In a letter written to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, advised by former FBI forensic video/audio analyst Douglas Lacey, it is made clear that unless full, unedited source footage is provided to the committee, the videos cannot be authenticated.  To date, no source footage has ever been released publicly.  


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October 06, 2015